Commission on the Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences

The Commission takes technology to be the theory and practice of engineering. It considers the philosophy of technology therefore to refer to all philosophical issues regarding the goals, concepts and methods applied in the engineering sciences and engineering practices, broadly conceived, including their relation to foundational questions in the natural and social sciences. Instead of focusing on the relations between society and technology as such, the Commission encourages all philosophers to open the ‘black box’ of the in the words of Carl Mitcham ‘humanities philosophy of technology,’ and study its contents. Analytical philosophy of technology in the sense just described started the second half of the twentieth century, and gaining momentum the last two decades, nowadays, it has become an established and mature member of the philosophy community.

The aims of the Commission are twofold. First, it intends to raise awareness among general philosophers about the interesting epistemic, normative and conceptual questions raised by the practices of engineers and the more general philosophical implications of the answers to these questions. Second, the Commission would like to establish a platform for the growing number of researchers, philosophers and engineers alike, to discuss, criticize and announce philosophy of technology related events.

To these ends the Commission website will provide a membership list, accessible for all members, who will be given the opportunity to announce relevant meetings and publications. Moreover, the Commission would like to arrive at a situation in which it can sponsor some relevant events.